Construction pics

Sorry for the crappy pictures. Most were taken with a cell phone camera. 
I wish I would have taken more construction pics but I was too busy trying to just get the theater done. lol
This is the remains of a 1970's rec room.  
More remains. 
Some vents were modified and re-routed. This vent went across the whole room. I removed most of it to add 16 more inches of headroom in the back of the theater. The open vent was then framed and dry-walled for heat and air vent. 
Another pic of new vents.
Framed all the vents and added a projector shelf. 
I decided to use some LED deck lights for my 2 steps. I could have used rope lights or some other LED lights I found but I felt these looked great and were very bright. 
Dry walled, puttied, primed and some paint.  
Close-up of projector shelf. Turned out great looking but hard to tell from this blurry pic. lol
More paint, lights and my old speakers and subs.
This is the front of the theater with a small half bathroom on the left the the electronics closet on the right. The electronics closet shelves were built like tanks. I used 2x4s on the sides screwed into studs. Also, 3/4" shelves with (2) 3"x1" aluminum  "I-beams" under each shelf. This is the keep the shelves from bowing.

My (2) big ATI amps are 75lbs each, so I need good support under them.
104" fixed frame screen with a 4" velvet frame. It is great quality but a real pain in the ass to stretch the screen to the frame.