Subwoofer/s build

735lbs of MDF

(7) 3/4" MDF boards
(4) 1/2" MDF boards for 2nd layer on baffles 
(8) tubes of PL Premium construction  adhesive
15" Dayton Audio Reference HFs
Great quality, and very well built.
Oh yeah, I got 8 of them.
 (2) Behringer EP2500 Pro amps.
Bridged in to 2ohms steareo. 
Total of 3,300 watts 
Beginning the front subwoofers build.
Added bracing and foam lining keeps the sub's walls quite and free from resonance.  I also added 10lbs of poly fill to each sub when they were done.
Inside front subs.
Dry run and taking some measurements.

Back subs.
These subs make my 104" projection screen look small. lol

Front subs are about 160lbs each and the tall back subs are about 175lbs each.
Used 3M spray adhesive to apply black automotive carpet to the speaker. Really great quality, soft and durable.
The back of the sub.
Done. Man these things are big. lol
The subs carpet Finnish turned out great. You can really only see the seams when under bright light.
Here is a diagram showing where the subs are located. It is hard to tell where they are from some of the main theater pics.